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30 July 1984
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hey whats up mesasage me if you want i can use the entertainment

my myspace > http://www.myspace.com/oacset
my bands myspace > http://www.myspace.com/lastresortuprising

Last Resort Uprising

my audioscroober > http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/OACSET

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a clockwork orange, adult swim, agent orange, akira, allen ginsberg, angry samoans, ani difranco, anti religion, aqua teen hunger force, aquateen hunger force, atom and his package, bad influences, bad religion, bass, bob dylan, bright eyes, caffeine, california, cat stevens, cky, coffee, colton, conor oberst, corporate avenger, crass, cynicism, d.i., dave chappelle, david bowie, dead milkmen, del taco, desaparecidos, digital cameras, disestablishmentarian, donnie darko, duct tape, dysfunctional, electric violin, empire records, facts, faggots, family guy, fat mike, fear & loathing, fifteen, fight club, final fantasy, frank sinatra, freedom, gay, gay punk, gay rights, gay rude boys unite, geeks, green, guitars, guys with short hair, harry/ron, hating dashboard confessional, history, hitchhiker's guide, horror flicks, icons, igor spectre, jello biafra, john lennon, kids in the hall, le tigre, live concerts, lru, mad society, manga, meatwad, mel brooks, men without hats, metric, mighty python, minor threat, mp3s, napoleon dynamite, nerds, nerdy boys, nofx, now it's overhead, office space, operation ivy, ordo ab chao, pacifism, pansy division, park ave, paul simon, peace, peanut butter, peta, pete and pete, pj harvey, politics, potter puppet pals, public image limited, pulp fiction, punk, punk boys, punk/ska, queer punks, queerpunk, quentin tarrantino, rancid, removing bush from office, reno 911, requiem for a dream, rocky horror, ron weasley, ron/harry, rpgs, rude boys, san bernardino, sarcasm, screeching weasel, screeching weasels, sham 69, singing in the shower, ska, skankin, skanking in my undies, slash fanfic, snl, southern california, taking pictures, tank girl, the boondock saints, the faint, the moldy peaches, the unseen, the weasleys, thrift stores, tilly & the wall, tilly and the wall, traditional ska, two tone, vegetarian, vegetarians, velvet underground, vnv nation, vodka, wendy o williams, willy mason, x, x-ray spex, yaoi, young frankenstein